Tanning Beds



Tanning Bed Safety: Dont Get Burned

Tanning at a tanning salon is a great way to keep a healthy glow all year round. However, you must use tanning bed safety if you hope to maintain that healthiness for as long as possible. Using the tanning bed can cause skin cancer, it can cause immature wrinkling, it can cause your eyes to get burned as well as many other ailments. For this reason, its imperative that you use tanning bed safety.

Use The Correct Lotion

Tanning bed safety includes using lotion every time you go into the tanning bed, using the proper eyewear, not going for too long as well as not going too often.

The lotions that you can use in the tanning beds are usually sold right there in the salon. Some of them are pricey but its worth it when you consider that they help with tanning bed safety. They can help you get that deep, dark tan that you covet without damaging your skin.

The proper eyewear, another important part of tanning bed safety, is also important when tanning. You dont want to burn your eyes and your eyelids arent thick enough to protect them from the harmful UV rays emitted from the beds. For this reason, you dont just want to close your eyes when youre in the bed, you have to wear the proper eyewear. This is the most important part of tanning bed safety.

Before you tan, the person working there will often ask you questions about your skin type and how long you want to go for. They are usually trained to know how long you should go so that you avoid getting burned too badly. Burning leads to irreparable skin damage. For this reason, dont go longer than you think you should. This is another part of tanning bed safety, not going too long.

Not going too often is another great part of tanning bed safety. For instance, you shouldnt go every day. You shouldnt need to if you use the right lotion and use the right beds. You should only go a few days a week, if that, to maintain that great glow that everyone looks for when they go tan.

So, be smart when you tan and be very conscious of tanning bed safety. That means using the correct lotion, wearing the proper eyewear, not going too long and not going too often. If you follow these rules, youll look and feel great and youll be doing it the smart way.