Tanning Beds



Tanning Bed Tips: From Lotion To Eyewear, Protect Yourself

Tanning beds are a great way to keep that healthy looking tan all year round. In fact, many people use the tanning bed even though theres a full sun shining overhead. Thats because the tanning bed gives you a healthy, deep, dark tan in less time than it would take you to sit in the sun all day. However, the tanning bed can be a dangerous way to get your tan. For this reason, you should follow a few tanning bed tips so that you can protect yourself from the damage tanning beds can cause.

The first tanning bed tip is to always wear lotion. Most tanning salons sell lotion that comes in a variety of types, scents and many of them do different things. For instance, some tanning lotions are bronzers, which help you to look darker faster. This tanning bed tip is important because the lotions not only help you get a great tan but they also protect you against the harmful UV rays. Of course, youre still going to get UV exposure but they do help a little bit. Its better to wear the lotion than not to wear it and thats what makes this such an invaluable tanning bed tip.

The second, and probably most important, tanning bed tip is to wear your eyewear at all times. The harmful UV rays that are emitted from the tanning bed bulbs can burn your eyes. Many people think that if they just close their eyes that they are protected but this just isnt so. The skin that makes up your eyelids is not thick enough to protect your eyes from these harmful rays. For this reason, you should always wear the required eyewear so that you can protect your eyes. You wouldnt want to go blind just because you are trying to look better. Thats why its so important that you follow this tanning bed tip and wear the protective eyewear.

Look And Feel Better

Tanning is a great way to look better and it also helps you feel better. Theres just something about a deep, dark tan that makes people look and feel healthier. However, if you dont follow the necessary tanning bed tips, you can end up hurting yourself. Tanning is a great way to treat yourself but you must be careful. Remember, looking and feeling good are not worth harming your health over.