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The Spanish Market is growing... website translation is a must!

Over-Delivering English to Spanish Translation and Web Site Localization

From: Miguel Ángel de Alzáa


Thanks for coming to my virtual office. You know, most marketing specialist say ''Quality and Low Price are incompatible things". That's not valid here. Forget it. If quality and good price is what you want, this is the right place. I'll show you why!

Some Facts - Why You Need an English to Spanish Web site Translation:

Web users are up to four times more likely to purchase from a site that communicates in the customer's native language.

Spanish market is expanding.

The Spanish language ("Español", in Spanish) is spoken by 332 Million people in the world.

Total of GDPs for Spanish-speaking countries: $2.6 trillion.

Market Predictions: Consumer electronic commerce will see explosive growth in Latin America, Gartner predicts. Competitors need to prepare now for this e-commerce tidal wave, and one aspect of market readiness is developing offerings in the local languages. Gartner research states that "Content in native languages will increase in importance as Internet use penetrates deeper into the lower-tier socioeconomic groups in Latin America".

3 Top Reasons to Get My Help in Your Web site translation

Marketing orientation - I'm not a Professional Translator. I'm an Internet marketer, ezine editor, author and Webmaster. Probably you can't have a so fluid English conversation with me... But -I think- you (or your client) want to make business at the Spanish market, don't you? And THIS is my job ;-) (Who I am? Try a search for "Miguel Ángel de Alzáa" in Google)

Experience - I have been working in Spanish Internet Marketing Strategies and Spanish Search Engine Optimization business since May of 2000, primarily for my own site and then for others (I really can say my business started "on demand"). And I got results, after all you're here.

The Combo - The sinergy of having my hard-to-find English to Spanish Web site translation and Spanish Search Engine Optimization (SEO) abilities together, means time and money saving. There are just a few Spanish translators and Search Engine Optimization all-in-one specialists...

"Thanks for a doing a great job, I was impressed."

Lawrence Nemeth, AESA -Academic English Support Agency,

"I contracted with Miguel de Alzáa-marketineros regarding translation of my business website from English to Spanish. The service/translation was accomplished within the time period and at a reasonable cost. The service was excellent and I would highly recommend Miguel de Alzáa-marketineros translation service. Mr. Miguel de Alzáa was very helpful and his assistance on this matter was greatly appreciated."

Jim Kithas, Kithas & Associates, Inc.,

Fees and Quality

I can offer you competitive fees because I'm based in Paraguay, Latin America. My lower operative costs translates in better prices for you.

Quality is assured. I believe that "Good is not enough when Best is possible". And -providing my main revenues come from selling my own and affiliate products- English to Spanish Translation, Web Design and Spanish SEO are not a job to me, they are fun! You can be sure I'll do my best to help you, and I'll enjoy it.

English to Spanish Web Site Translation Options:

Texts: From $0.04 per source language word. Min $50.

Pages: Spanish version of existent English web pages: From $20 per page. Min $60. Reduced fee for big projects.

Web site: Spanish version of existent English website: From $20 per page. Min $60. Reduced fee for big projects.

All-Included-Service: Page and Web site translation includes: English to Spanish Translation, Web Design and Spanish Search Engine Optimization -Spanish SEO. I also help you choose the right Spanish domain name. I can also upload the Spanish website to your server at request.

Payment must be done 50% in advance, 50% at completion. You can pay via 2Checkout (Credit card, USA check or Paypal).

Just tell me what you need and I'll do my best to help you. That's all.

Looking forward to hearing of you!


Miguel Ángel de Alzáa
Author, Consultant
Owner of

PD - I accept just the work I can do at my best (and I'm obssesive with time limits), so please be adviced I can't handle more than 1-2 projects at the same time... Don't delay!

Tell me What You Need!
(Please be sure you have read the service's explanation before emailing me)


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