BMW Cars 



The Legacy behind the BMW Motorcycle

BMW doesn’t produce cars; in fact one of the earliest products was their motorcycle. The first to be introduced was the R32 BMW motorcycle, in the year 1932. This R series further developed as decades passed, and currently the BMW motorcycles have their own trademark in the racing world as well as the commercial market.

The first BMW motorcycle came with "boxer twin" engine, with two air-cooled cylinders protruding from opposite sides of the machine for better cooling mechanism, which was very unusual at that time. Besides that they also came up with the F, G, and K series after that. One notable feature was the introduction of the lockable differential technology, which made the motorcycles off-road capable as well.

Living up to the Brand’s Name

One of the main reasons why people love the BMW motorcycle, compared to other common brands is that they give a very sporty yet relaxed and comfortable ride. On top of that, they look very big and majestic, but are very light in nature, which is very good for off-road rides.

A revolutionary change came into the R series in 1993. The new BMW motorcycle R series were oil-cooled and came with 4 valves per cylinder. Later in 2004, a balance shaft was added, together with double spark plugs per cylinder. This made the motorcycles more powerful, up to 100 hp or capacity of 1200cc. If you were looking for very comfortable but powerful motorcycles, you might not want to miss this BMW motorcycle series. This is simply because the motorcycle can be used for both rough and common daily usage.

Currently there are four primary BMW motorcycle series, which includes the F, G, R, and K series. The series are actually based on the classes of engines. The current F Series came out in 1994 as the F650, with a 650 cc four-stroke, four valve, single piston engine, and chain drive. It was introduced as the entry-level BMW motorcycle, and later was redesigned six years later with a new label, the F650GS. At the moment, the most famous F series motorcycles are the F800S sports motorcycle and the F800ST sports tourer.

The G series were introduced as off-road motorcycles developed together with Aprilia. This series of BMW motorcycle comes with a 650 cc engine producing 53BHP. The K series BMW motorcycle was the heavier range, competitive against the premier sport motorcycles from Japan. This series is very fast and can reach speeds of up to 280kmph. The current R series was built on the basis on the older R series, but much revamped. And the latest Rs, which are the R1200S, R1150R, and R1200R, can produce 122 hp, and is almost as powerful as a low-end luxury car.