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BMW San Francisco: An Experience That Thrills

The San Francisco Bay Area does not lack anything, and with the Pacific Ocean, mountains in the vicinity and a wine country within easy reach, the pleasure of driving a BMW in San Francisco would be nothing short of thrilling. From the days of the Gold Rush, San Francisco has played home to those seeking opportunities and success. With the flower power days of the 1960s, the city burst with peace, love and happiness. At present, the city is a big time tourist attraction for travelers to the west coast of the United States and a wonderful place to set the BMW through its paces.

Bikes Too Provide Many Interesting Possibilities

While on the subject of driving the BMW through San Francisco, one should keep in mind that there is also plenty of opportunity for buzzing about San Francisco on a speedy BMW bike. There are a host of interesting possibilities open to the BMW San Francisco biker who can zip through to Fisherman’s Wharf or take in the rising and falling streets of San Francisco aboard any one of the many appealing BMW models that range from the all new 2007 R1200R to the 2007 F650 GS Low.

Choosing a BMW bike in San Francisco should not present much of a problem with the number of dealers that are selling everything BMW and for all budgets. And, for the BMW car lover, there is a whole range of sporty and powerful cars to choose from and for approximately thirty thousand dollars one can speed down San Francisco in a used six cylinder three liter six speed BMW Z4 3.0i Roadster or a Z4 2.5i Roadster.

In one of these Ultimate Dream Machines one could make a statement of style and substance. And, the United States is the number one vehicle market in the world which makes companies such as BMW flock to American cities in search of greater sales and San Francisco provides a lot of potential for higher sales that with the company investing in the development of more fuel-efficient car engines, will make the future hold many more pleasant surprises that BMW will be able to spring on a demanding market.

There are many car dealers that are specially geared to meeting the demand for such powerful machines, and the BMW San Francisco dealer lists are enough to provide many appealing options. So make it easy on yourself and select any one of the many BMW San Francisco car deals that are advertised, and which provide abundant choice from which to find and own the car of your dreams.