Ski Vacation


Get in Shape on a Cross Country Ski Vacation

If you want to get in shape and have a great vacation at the same time, plan a cross country ski vacation. Cross country skiing is a special type of skiing that is quite different from alpine skiing. When cross country skiing, only the toe of the foot is attached to the ski. The heel of the foot remains free when cross country skiing. The freedom of the foot in the ski allows for more diverse activity while skiing, and this is part of the reason that this type of skiing is great exercise. A cross country ski vacation will provide an enjoyable way to get some great exercise.

Cross country skiers go up, down and across the landscape over the snow on their skis. This means that a cross country ski vacation will provide a winter activity that has more diversity than alpine skiing or snowboarding. Cross country skiing was first practiced in Scandinavia where this provided a means for going across terrain often covered in snow. Cross country ski vacations are available all around the world so these vacations give the opportunity to see the world on skis.

Cross Country Ski Vacations Can Be Relaxing or Strenuous

Cross country skiing can be strenuous activity that is great for aerobic training, but cross country skiing can also be relaxing. The speed and terrain is left to the discretion and desire of the individual skier. Cross country skiing is safer in general than other types of skiing so a cross country ski vacation is less likely to get you a broken leg or separated shoulder. Children can start learning to cross country ski as they learn how to walk. The equipment necessary for this sport is inexpensive. Cross country ski vacations will lead you to some well worn trails, but an experienced skier can go off the trails. Skiing off the trails can be a bit more dangerous if the skier encounters hidden objects.

Cross country ski vacations provide an opportunity to get away from busy lives and crowded places. The trails used for cross country skiing are usually in places that are isolated and beautiful. A cross country skier can go through terrain that is relatively untouched by other human beings. Experienced skiers can find competitive activities on a cross country ski vacation. Some of these competitions are huge, but others have just a few skiers practicing their skills.