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Guide To A Unique European Ski Vacation

Europe offers some of world’s most famous and sought after ski resorts found mostly in the Alps that spread through several countries such as Switzerland, Italy, France, Austria, Germany and Slovenia.

However, if you are looking for a unique European ski vacation, which will offer you great challenges on the slopes at some unbelievable bargains consider taking a vacation in the Eastern European countries.

Experience The Carpathians

Romania, can offer an exclusive European ski vacation as they have the Carpathian mountain range running through the middle of the country and therefore many ski resorts to boast. One of the famous ski resorts is located in Brasov, which offers slopes for both beginners and advanced skiers and which many western Europeans choose because of its unbelievable bargains as well as many other attractions that can be covered during your European ski vacation.

Close to Brasov is the famous Dracula castle, which holds its own fame and attraction; you can visit the castle and return to Brasov in one day as Bran, the village where the castle is situated is very small and during the peak season you may not find accommodations unless you book in advance.

Romania also offers the unique change to experience true rustic life styles if you book your stay in the many pensions that are run by locals and where you find be offered authentic Romanian food as well as be exposed to some of the unique life styles. All these accommodations are registered with the government tourism and should always be booked through them in order to avoid any mishaps.

Booking A Unique European Ski Vacation

To book a European ski vacation in Romania or any other Eastern European country you should research online and try to get accommodations and sometimes the whole packages before you depart from home. Most Eastern European countries citizens speak English besides their local language and welcome tourists all year round because they bring along a boost in their local economy as well.

Try a European ski vacation that will bring you a bit more than just the world’s most famous slopes if you are going to travel all the way to Europe. Get great bargains on your European ski vacation by choosing a destination that does not hold world fame but offers all the benefits of one, as well as discover treasures and make some unique friends and memories.