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What To Expect From A Montana Ski Vacation

Montana usually brings to mind cowboys and flat terrain however, you will surprised that it also offers one of the best ski resorts in the country and that is the Big Sky resort, which is located in the southwest of Montana with over 3,500 ski able acres. Here is what you and the entire family can plan for when choosing a Montana ski vacation, where everyone will find an activity to enjoy irrelevant of age or gender.

A Montana Ski Vacation For The Entire Family

At the Big Sky resort you can find slopes for beginners as well as advanced skiers with challenging slopes that are open during the day and night as well. You will have no less then 13 lifts to transport you to the top of the slopes, which offer a vertical drop of 4,100 feet.

The best way to book your Montana ski vacation is to research online in order to find the best package deal available for you and your family; here are a few suggestions, Big EZ Lodge, which has won several awards for outstanding quality and best value packages for the entire family; another great way to find the best bargains is home rentals, which suit best large parties who want to share accommodations.

Other Activities Available At The Big Sky Resort

If you are a beginner and/or you did not want to carry your skiing gear you will be able to find the entire gear for rent in the Big Sky Resort on your Montana sky vacation. The other activities besides skiing are snowmobile, cross-country skiing, ice-skating, sleigh rides, and winter fishing.

Choosing a Montana ski vacation will be entertaining for the entire family irrelevant of age and gender; you can also visit the Yellowstone National Park for an educative, adventurous trip, which can last the entire day. The Yellowstone National Park offers great outdoor adventures in still wild and untamed surroundings, which will be fun as well as adventurous.


What you can expect from a Montana ski vacation is a large variety of activities for the entire family but also for the ski enthusiast who will find his or her challenges in the vast area dedicated only for skiing purposes. It is recommended to book in advance in order to get the accommodation of choice as well as avail of any bargains that apply with advanced booking.