Everybody loves a music box


Music Match Juke Box has all the Online Music Features that You Need

There are several ways that you could have discovered Music Match Juke Box. Perhaps it came with the laptop or personal computer that you recently purchased. Or, perhaps you found it while searching for a good media player. Whatever the reason, you now have Music Match Juke Box, and would like more information about its features and capabilities.

Music Match Juke Box Plus and Upgrades

If you got Music Match Juke Box came with the software on the new laptop or computer you got, then you have the basic version, and for more features, you would have to upgrade to Music Match Juke Box Plus for a fee.

The software usually gets upgraded every few months, so people who purchase a lifetime of keys for the software often want to know how they can automatically have upgrades. This is simply achieved, because if you want to get a lifetime key to the software and automatic upgrades, just be sure that you select to purchase All Future Versions of it.

Some people hesitate about upgrading this software, because the worry that if they do, it will automatically delete any music files that they had stored. To avoid this problem, be sure that you install the upgraded version of Music Match Juke Box using the default installation options.

Music Match Juke Box and Videos

Often, people don’t want to just hear music on their media players, they want the capability to watch music videos too. This can be done with Music Match Juke Box, provided that you choose it as your default player for Windows Media files. To do this, go to the main page of Music Match Juke Box, click on “Options,” then select “Settings,” click on the “General” tab, and then make sure that you select the options that you want.

Other Features

Music Match Juke Box comes with a variety of fun features, including the ability to burn CDs. Also, if you like a certain genre of music and have even just the free basic version of the Music Match software, they have a radio feature that will play songs by your favorite artists and other artists from the same genre. So, if you’re looking for a media player that’s fun to use and full of great features, then Music Match Juke Box is an excellent choice.