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Creating Healthy Hair with Nioxin Hair Care Products

Nioxin hair care products are designed specifically to be products to help the thinning hair regardless of what hair type you have. Over use of chemical products, dyes, relaxers, perms as well as the stress of daily life can leave hair damaged and thinning. The Nioxin hair care products are designed to help bring the hair and scalp back into a healthy balance. Some hair loss is hormonal or stress related occurring as we age. Other types of hair loss are related to hair being damaged by improper care. Using products that are not correct for your hair type or which are too harsh also contribute to loss of hair. Nioxin hair care products help to minimize loss and aid in restoring the health of your scalp and hair.

History of Nioxin

For over twenty years Nioxin researchers have worked towards the goal of helping the millions who deal with thinning hair. They have looked to uncover the processes that cause hair loss and create products that attack the problem at the scalp. Nioxin hair care products are called ‘skin care for the scalp’. Nioxin researchers create products that work for different types of hair from, fine, thick, coarse, and straight. Study is put on the effects of dyes and chemicals on the hair structure so that their products will be able to bring life back to the hair. Ultimately the goal with Nioxin hair care products is a healthy full head of hair.

The Nioxin thinning Hair Systems help to create a healthy scalp. There are eight systems that work according to the different problems that occurring to cause hair loss. The company believes that a daily process must be utilized to restore the scalp and bring about healthy hair.

Types of Products

The Nioxin Intensive Therapy products are designed to give intensive hair treatments. These Nioxin hair care items are available for all hair textures to help maintain healthy scalp and hair. Products in the Nioxin Intensive Therapy line include the Recharging Complex, Deep Repair Hair Masque, Hydrating Hair Masque, Weightless Reconstructive Hair Masque and Follicle Booster.

The Nioxin Thinning Hair Systems contain kits that have products that will help thinning hair according to type. For example System 8 is for medium/coarse hair that has been chemically enhanced and is noticeably thinning. Including in this Nioxin hair care kit are three products including the cleanser, scalp therapy and scalp therapy. Each of the eight Nioxin hair care kits works according to your hair. This line of products is dedicated to maintaining the healthy beauty of your hair.