Body Building


Starting Out: Beginners Body Building

If make the bold choice to start body building, it is important not to become too overzealous and burn yourself out, or worse, injure yourself. Beginners body building should be a gradual process that will lead to experienced body building.

Below are some tips and suggestions for beginners body building if that is what you choose to pursue.


This is one of the most important aspects for beginners body building. You cannot expect to be a successful bodybuilder if you want to keep eating fast food or other types of junk food. Discipline is one of the prime necessities for sculpting your body. That is why trainers will recommend that you begin to consume mainly meat, fish, nuts, grain and milk. These foods are low in fat, and high in protein that will aid in muscle building and also increase metabolism.

Your Workout

As far as the workout regiment is concerned, it is important for beginners body building to start off slowly. Although some want very badly to look as fit as the body builders on TV, or on the cover of magazines, beginners have to realize that to get to that point, it is a work in progress. Beginning body builders should begin with 2 sets of repetitions with a minute of rest in between. They should do this for 45 minutes, four days a week. After about four weeks, after giving their body enough time to build itself up, then the body builder can begin moving up to 60 minutes of a workout doing 3 sets of repetitions with a minute of rest in between. At this point, the body should start to change, fat should be lost and muscle mass gained.

Along with diet and exercise, rest is very important with beginners body building. This is vitally important, as the muscles to grow during resting periods. At least 6-8 hours of sleep a night is recommended.

Whatever Your Goals And Desires Are

Whether you are body building for your own personal achievement, or you want to get into competitive body building, it is essential for beginners body building to be a gradual process. Making sure that the proper diet, exercise and rest are achieved is important to physical success. Don’t worry about looking like a bodybuilder right away; focus on a plan that will work for your body type and goals.