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What You Should Know About The Bengal Cat And Its Temperaments

Bengal catContrary to what you may be thinking, a Bengal cat is actually a good pet. This cross breed between a leopard cat and domestic cats happens to be one of the best pets that you can have. A Bengal cat loves people and could be a very good companion. Although the Bengal cat is very alert and curious, they are not really hyper active. If you happen to be one of those people who love to have some peace and quite in the house and do not want to have a very active kitten running around and toppling things over, the Bengal cat would be good for you.

Origins Of The Bengal Cat

As mentioned before, this type of cat is a cross breed of a leopard cat specifically the Asia leopard cat (ALC) and some domestic cats especially that of Egyptian origins such as the Egyptian Mau. Other types of domestic cats have also been crossbreed with the leopard cat to produce the Bengal cat. The domestic shorthair, the Abyssinian, the Ocicat and many other unpedigreed cats have been breed the Bengal cat over the years. Some say that there are no longer any authentic or pure breed Bengal cat nowadays since it has been crossbreed for many generations already. However, there are many people who maintain that there are still many pure breed Bengal cats all over the world since there are many second-generation male cats, which have been breed to preserve the Bengal cat breed.

Although the ancestors of this type of cats which are the leopard cat are commonly found in the wilds of Asia, the cross breeding of this wild cats with the more subdued domestic cats helped tame the nature of this cat. Nevertheless, this type of cat still has some of its strong and really independent streak so your should make sure that you know your cat well for you to be able to take care of it better.

How Does The Bengal Cat Look Like?

A Bengal cat is a medium size cat with muscular built. This type of cat has an aura of wildness in it in reminisce of its wildcat ancestors. Its coat the spots, rosetted or marbles pattern which it had inherited from its leopard cat ancestors. The most common colors of this type of are the black or very dark brown pattern with sandy beige background. There are also some, which have the silver coat with black patterns and those with dark brown pattern on beige background.