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A Fat Cat May Be Cute But They May Not Really Be Healthy

Have you been feeding your cat, a cat that has ballooned into a considerable size? You might think that a fat cat is cute but the sad truth is, a fat cat may not be healthy. If your cat is over 19% heavier than the ideal weight for its breed, then you may really have a fat cat problem. According to many studies, a fat cat has shorter life span than a cat, which is just within the ideal weight bracket.

Cats are just like human beings, when they get too fat, they become at risk of some diseases that are associated with obesity. Studies show that a fat cat is at risk of contracting diabetes mellitus. Lower urinary tract disease, joint stress and aggravation of osteopathritis, non-allergic skin disease, and hepatic lipidosis or the deposit of fat in the liver. These types of disease could prove to be fatal for your pet so make sure that you do not over feed your cat and turn into some kind of a puffed up cat.

Aside from the diseases mentioned above, a fat cat is at risk of many complications. According to experts, if your cat is fat, it may have some breathing problems that could lead to some fatal conditions. Note that a fat cat usually does not have stamina and could tolerate much exercise. If a fat cat is suddenly exposed to rigorous exercise, it could become out of breath and might suffer from some complications. Furthermore, a fat cat may suffer complications when giving birth. There have been many cases of obese cats that die shortly after giving birth due to complications.

What To Do To Keep Your Cat From Becoming Overweight

The first thing that you should to keep your cat from getting really fat is to make sure that it is eating the right types of food and that you are not overfeeding your cat for that matter. A fat cat do not just happen overnight so there is a big possibility that you can control the weight of your cat be choosing the right food that it will eat. If you notice that your cat is gaining too much weight with the type of food that you are giving it at the moment, you should consult the vet and ask him or her to help you find other types of food that will not make your cat fat.