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Taming A Wild Cat

Domesticated cats have been part of human’s life since ancient Egypt or at least that is how far the history books record their existence. The domesticated cat is also the smallest mammal from the cat family and it is carnivorous as all the others larger cats such as, tiger, panther, cheetah or the puma.

Cats As Pets

Cats make one of the best pets because they are easy to maintain, intelligent and extremely loving. Training a cat however may prove a bit difficult especially if they are already mature because wild cats have the animal instincts strongly built in as well as a good defensive system, which is activated every time they feel in danger.

Methods To Tame A Wild Cat

There are a few methods you can apply to tame a wild cat depending on his or her age: you first must gain the confidence of the cat by showing that you pose to harm and the best way to do that is to offer him or her food. Wild cats appreciate food especially in the cold weather when it is very hard to find it by themselves.

Don’t attempt to give the cat food from your hand as they will definitely not approach you but place it on the floor in a clean dish or bowl. A wild cat will not get friendly overnight but finding a food source will return for more when it gets hungry and in due course you will be able to pet him or her and thus, tame it.

After you have made friends with a wild cat, which is only the first part of taming, you will have to groom him or her in order to be able to enjoy his or her company in the house and to do that you need to gradually strengthen your friendship everyday by first petting and caressing him or her in order to totally gain his or her trust.

Training A Wild Cat

Training a wild cat is probably the most difficult part as they have habits and instincts that they will not like to give up; most people who keep previous wild cats as pets let them roam freely as they please outdoors by making a dog trap in the main door because firstly they don’t like being confined to a closed place anymore and secondly some may find it impossible to get the cat to use the litter box.

Another great way to tame a wild cat and train it as well is to hire a professional trainer who will help you bring out the domestic side of the cat in only a few sessions, which can be done at home so you can continue them even after the sessions are over in case you need to.