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The Joy Of Having A Siamese Cat As A Pet

Cats are wonderful pets; low maintenance, as you don’t have to walk them daily for exercise or do any of their needs and they are extremely loving and intelligent, which makes them enjoyable as well as a gratifying pet.

The Appearance And Origin Of The Siamese Cat

Siamese cats are an Oriental breed and even though the exact place of origin is not precisely known, it is believed to be Thailand, which shelters the sacred temple called Siam today; however, the Siamese cats are called ‘Wichienmaat’ in Thailand, which translates to ‘moon diamond’.

All Siamese cats have a grayish, creamy body coat with the ends of their feet, tail, ears and mouth in dark shades of brown and/or black. The most prominent feature however is the eyes, which are always blue and that create a striking contrast against the coat colors of the cat.

The Personality And Maintenance

Siamese cats are very loving and demanding when it comes to being pampered and loved back; they are intelligent and if you take the time to train them as kittens you will be surprised of the amount of commands and tricks a cat can learn such as, opening the doors; respecting your privacy if you train him or her not to enter a particular room such as your bedroom and your cat can even be trained to be taken for walks on a leash.

Siamese cats are very clean and they will soon learn where the litter box is and always use it however, they shed huge amounts of hair, which you will find all over the house should you not groom her or him daily.

Balanced diet as per the vet’s recommendations is suggested but also some dry food to help maintain and clean the teeth of your cat. Vaccinations and regular check ups are necessary in order to always keep your cat healthy and happy.

Siamese cats are very possessive and when the matting season will come you will experience the male will want to mark his territory by urinating in the corners of you house and sometimes on the sofas; it is important to decide as soon as you acquire your cat pet if you would like to send it for matting further or spay/ neuter him or her.

Helpful Tips

Siamese cats makes some of the best pets, which if groomed and trained from an early age can make it to cat shows, where they almost always excel because they are exquisite looking and extremely intelligent, which usually puts them ahead of most other cat breeds.