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The Joys And Adventures Of Owning A Kitty Cat

Have you been thinking of having a pet but isn’t really sure whether you will get a dog or a kitty cat? Both dogs and cats would make very good pets but if you are one of those people who do not really have much time to go out for walks with your dogs, you might as well get a kitty cat instead of a dog. Note that dogs would need a lot more attention and care than a cat so if you do not have much time to spare, you better not get a dog.

Preparing For Your Kitty Cat

The good news about cats is that they are very independent and would not really take as much care a dog. However, that does not mean that you will prepare certain things before you bring your little kitty cat home. So you better get things organized before you go to the pet shop and get you cat.

First, you will need to find your kitty cat a bed. A wicker basket bed would do very nicely for your cat. Get one of those really nice wicket basket beds and put some cotton or wool blankets on it. Kitty cats love something that is soft and warm so the cotton or wool blanket would do nicely. Besides, cotton or wool blankets are easily to clean or replace so you would really have much of a problem there.

Aside from the bed, you should get your kitty cat a food dish and a water dish. It would be good idea to get a food dish and water dish that are made of steel instead of plastic because your cat might play with the dish. Plastic dish could easy get scratched or damaged so better get a steel dish instead.

For grooming your kitty cat, you should get a nail clipper, some wash clothes, mineral oil or eye ointment, hairbrush and mild shampoo. Actually, most cats hate the water and they would usually not welcome it if you give them a bath so it would be a good idea to big it a bath occasionally only. However, you will need to wipe its face clean regularly using a wet wash clothe and water. Use some mineral oil to clean the eyelids of you kitty cat but make sure that you do not put anything directly in its eyes because that would cause some irritations. Also, you should regularly cut the nails of your kitty cat if you do not want it to start scratching your furniture.