3 Advantages of Keeping a Pregnancy Calendar

It doesn’t have to be a fancy specialized calendar bought at a baby store. Any desk or wall calendar which has place for you to write stuff in will work just fine as your own pregnancy calendar. If you have other children at home or many other things going on in your life, you may want to keep your pregnancy calendar separate from the main one at home.

Some may think it is too much work to have and fill a pregnancy calendar and would rather jot something down on a napkin. However, here are several advantages of having a pregnancy calendar:

Accurate Record Keeping

If you need to ask your doctor something or feel something is wrong, documenting when it actually started can help your physician diagnose the problem. A calendar may have helped you get pregnant if you had irregular menstrual cycles, and may similarly help you keep track of your pregnancy weeks which will differ from the regular weeks. This way you will accurately know you are sixteen weeks and three days pregnant instead of fumbling about with dates in your head.

The first time you felt the baby kick or the first time you saw him in the ultrasound are dates you would want to remember and having it down on a pregnancy calendar is he easiest way to keep a record without it being too cumbersome.

Helps in Subsequent Pregnancies

When you get pregnant again, your calendar can help you remember what to expect at each appointment, when it is you stop feeling nauseous or when is it that your blood sugar will be tested. Although every pregnancy is different even for the same woman, there may be some commonalities that may serve as a good guideline for you when you expect your other children.

Pencil Important Things In

Remember to make time for yourself alone as well as time with your spouse. If it means penciling it in advance in your pregnancy calendar, then be it. However, never underestimate the benefits of spending quality time on something you want to do, not things you have to do. Plan a ‘babymoon’ in the second trimester of your pregnancy. Even if it is a weekend at a hotel downtown, escape from it all and revel in your glow. Soon you’ll be changing diapers at 3 am and thanking your stars that you did a few things for yourself when you could.