The Pregnancy Due Date Calculator: A Guide For Men

When a woman finds out that she is pregnant for the first time, it is an occasion for great joy. The pregnancy brings along with it a host of changes, some difficult ones, some fun, but all in all new and uncharted territory. Often the partners are left puzzled regarding their role in the pregnancy stage of their wife or girlfriend. This article is an attempt to guide such partners in what would be expected of them during the pregnancy.

Educate yourself about the pregnancy stages using a pregnancy due date calculator and journal. You will learn from here that there are three semesters of three months each during pregnancy, each marking a different behavioral and physical pattern.

According to the pregnancy due date calculator and journal, the first semester (first 14 weeks) is most of the times, the most difficult one. The onset of pregnancy is usually heralded by nausea, vomiting, lack of appetite, funny food cravings, and aversion to strong smells and so on. During this time, your partner would need your utmost understanding and cooperation.

Ensure that she has adequate nutrition during this time, and takes all the medication prescribed by the doctor. If she is nauseous all the time, you will need to keep track of when and what she needs to take, so she does not miss any dose of the medicines.

The second semester, as per the pregnancy due date calculator and journal, is from the 14th to 28th week; this will be much better than the first semester in most cases. In very isolated cases, the morning sickness continues in this phase. For the majority, the vomiting and related symptoms will disappear like magic. This is the time when you should encourage her to eat well, exercise, and follow up regularly with the doctor.

The pregnancy due date calculator and journal will indicate that the third and the last semester spans from the 28th week to the due date of the baby. This is again a difficult time for the woman, since the baby will now put tremendous pressure on her internal organs creating a number of pains and discomforts.

In the last month, it will be hard for her to do anything – sleep, eat or even sit because of the baby. Ensure that she is comfortable at all times. Ensure that she has adequate rest, nutrition, vitamins and water. This is how you can use the pregnancy due date calculator and journal to ensure that your play an active role during the pregnancy stages of your partner.