Why You Should Maintain a Pregnancy Weekly Journal

From the day you find that you are pregnant to the day your baby is born, there are nine long months where each day brings something new for you. It does not matter whether this is your first baby or the tenth; every pregnancy is different in its own way, just as every baby is also different in his or her own way.

There is a strong belief that the personality, the feelings and the reactions of the mother, will reflect the personality of the baby. However, this has not been endorsed by any medical studies or research.

Keeping Track of the Developments Will Make the Pregnancy Easier and Fun

There are a lot of small matters and trivia that may be lost forever unless they are entered carefully somewhere. What better place to have all these chronicled than a pregnancy weekly journal?

As it is, the pregnancy stage is usually divided into weeks and the development stages are marked accordingly. Maintaining a pregnancy weekly journal would ensure that these development criteria are closely monitored; side by side you would be adding your personal touches to each and every event that passes, making it more like a scrapbook for posterity.

This pregnancy weekly journal would help you keep track of your doctor’s appointments, your symptoms, medication, exercise regime, blood pressure and any other data that would be needed from time to time. This journal would be invaluable to you later on after the baby is born, when going through it would make you relive each and every experience.

You may like to customize your journal to fit your preferences, i.e. type of personal information, medical information, partner’s corner, advice from friends and relatives, unusual happenings, important dates and so on. You could even have a continuation of your journal with the baby’s first year of life information and details.

There are a lot of magazines nowadays which give advice, information and bring you up-to-date with the news in this world-wide. Most of these magazines also are weekly, as if to keep in step with the individual pregnancy weekly journals. You may want to gather as much information about pregnancy as you can. You never know when you would need something from your journal.

In order to make your pregnancy weekly journal truly memorable, try adding a few semester-wise photographs to it. If possible, take your photograph on a weekly basis. You will be amazed at the way you change every semester. This would make a great look-back memorabilia later on when the baby is grown up.