Keep Your Family and Friends in the Loop with an Online Pregnancy Journal

You have just learnt that you are pregnant. You would love to rush and tell everyone in your family, and all your friends, and all those who would be happy to hear this news from and about you. There are many ways to announce and keep your near and dear ones informed thereafter. The best way would be to use your personal website to keep everyone abreast with the developments.

Using the Internet as Your Personal Messenger

Technology has simplified our lives to a very large extent. The introduction of the internet brought in a new dimension to communication. You can speak with anyone today, at any time, and at the least possible cost. You can also keep in touch with your near and dear ones through websites, blogs, chats, e-mails and so on.

Taking advantage of this technology, you can organize an excellent online pregnancy journal where you could share your feelings, photographs, requests for advice and so on. Your friends could check it out every now and then and find out the latest about you from your online pregnancy journal.

This would be an excellent thing to do for you, where you could record everything about the pregnancy, right from day one to the due date of the baby. You could also take photographs of yourself (and your partner) every week, and have it posted on your website. You will find it fascinating to see how pregnancy changes your body each week.

This online journal would be an invaluable gift to your baby some day. Once he or she would be grown up, say, when he or she would be 18 years of age, gift them the contents of this journal in the form of a scrapbook. It makes for a priceless gift. Anyone who receives this type of information about the way they had come into this world, will be overwhelmed with joy.

Besides this, the online pregnancy journal is a fun way to interact with all those who care for you. You could exchange ideas, advice, and even keep medical records updated on the website. While you are at it, you could use the time available during your pregnancy to construct your family tree – and making a new spot for the newcomer.

Maintaining a pregnancy journal is fun because it contains all that you experience during this new journey of life. The online pregnancy journal is even better because you can keep your friends and relatives in the loop while at the same time have a lot of fun doing so.