The Benefits of a Weekly Pregnancy Calendar

If you are experiencing your first pregnancy, or even if you have experienced this blessed event a number of times, it is important to know what you to expect or be reminded of during each week of your pregnancy. A weekly pregnancy calendar will provide this service and serves two specific purposes.

The first purpose is to let you know how your baby is developing and what you can anticipate each week in regards to the baby's healthy formation. The second important function of any weekly pregnancy calendar is to let you know, as the mother, what you your body will experience and changes brought about.

What is a Weekly Pregnancy Calendar?

Generally this calendar covers a 40 week time span. Forty weeks is considered to be the average length of a pregnancy for women. It is important to remember that, even though this is a useful tool, variations of time will differ from woman to woman. In addition, not many women actually deliver their baby on the projected due date.

Benefits Of Following A Weekly Pregnancy Calendar

One of the benefits of this kind of calendar is the involvement of other family members. The corresponding week of your pregnancy can be compared to the corresponding time of the weekly pregnancy calendar to inform other children or the father as to what is taking place in the baby's formation and growth.

A weekly pregnancy calendar is especially useful for first time mothers. This usefulness of this calendar is evidenced when something unusual or peculiar happens during a certain week of the pregnancy. For example, if there is movement within the womb, the mother can consult the weekly pregnancy calendar to see if her experience is matching the time frame of the calendar.

Another benefit of the weekly pregnancy calendar concerns the mother’s health and changes in her body that can be anticipated. For example, during the 13th through the 28th week of the pregnancy, considerable changes began to take place with the abdomen.

This second trimester of the pregnancy is a period in which the uterus grows significantly. Typically this growth is evidenced in the navel area of the woman. Utilizing a weekly pregnancy calendar the pregnant woman will know what to anticipate and how to prepare for this stage of the pregnancy.

For example, because of the expansion of the abdomen many women experience stretch marks. To minimize the effects of the stretch marks the pregnant woman, through the weekly pregnancy calendar, will be able to anticipate this process by drinking plenty of water, practicing weight control, eating the proper foods and applying appropriate creams to the abdomen area.

Finally, another benefit of this calendar is the information provided to the woman when something is happening to either her or her baby that is not indicated in the calendar. Knowing that what she is feeling or experiencing is not a normal part of the pregnancy, as reflected in the weekly pregnancy calendar, she will be able to consult with her attending physician right away.