All About iPods


The Multitasking 80gb IPod

Small, cool and hip the 80gb iPod takes multi-media entertainment to a new level. It is able to carry a library of up to 20,000 songs and 100 hours of video. This 80gb iPod can support up to 25,000 photos as well. This little machine has a lot of power. Apple continues the company’s stylish advancements with each new generation of players. Surely the 80gb iPod is no exception to Apple innovation. The company’s goal seems to be to bring the latest technology into the most convenient formats for personal use. With this pocket sized genie you can watch a movie or your favorite TV show or tune into some of the new and original programming on pod casts. There or more iPod games coming out along with downloadable songs from iTunes. You can choose the entertainment for the day whether you wish to listen to your favorite band or scan through your vacation photo’s to music. The 80gb iPod has something to suit your mood.

As usual the click wheel puts all the handy options at your fingertips. This time you can get up to 20 hours of music time on your battery and about 6.5 hours for video use. Check out the video functions for you can tune into full feature movies in the palm of your hand on the 80gb iPod.

You can play games, text, use the calendar and display contact information. It supports seamless play back that lets you easily go from one song to another on an album.

Dress It Up

One of the cool features of the Apple products it that there are loads of companies who just specialize in making unique accessories for their items. Your 80gb iPod can get a fancy case from the likes of ezGear or Otterbox. It is important for some to make their mobile entertainment center a fashion statement. If you think your 80gb iPod is really chilly you can put it in one of the new brightly colored sock covers made just for it.

More Accessories

Depending on your needs you can get a car kit for your 80gb iPod or a camera connector to download your pictures right from the internet. You may want to use it in class and an added voice recorder will help your with all those notes. With the iPod Hi-Fi you can dock you player and use it as a sound system for your room. One thing is for sure life is going to be a lot more interesting with the power of the 80gb iPod in your pocket. It’s easy. Try one on for size.