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IPod Nano Video: Enjoying Great Music and Video While on a Trek up the Mountains

If you are fond of climbing mountains with your friends, take along an iPod Nano Video so that you can listen to music while negotiating some difficult trails. Listening to music will help you feel more relaxed and calm even when you are negotiating some difficult paths. Since the iPod Nano Video is very small and light, you will not really feel its weight even when you are already feeling so tired. Furthermore, because of its size, you can just tuck in the iPod Nano Video inside your pocket and you can go climbing with your friends. If you are wondering how much that pocket size iPod Nano Video can hold, here‘s the deal. If you buy one of those large capacity iPods, your iPod Nano Video can hold as much as 20,000 songs at one time. For such a small gadget, you can actually fit is several CDs into it and play non-stop music for hours.

Small Space for Large Files

Now, if you think that your iPod Nano Video can only hold songs for you, think again. This gadget would not earn its name as iPod Nano Video for nothing. The iPod Nano Video can play your favorite show and can hold up to 100 hours of video. Amazing isn’t it? Imagine how many movies you can store into your iPod Nano Video if you have about 100 hours of possible playtime. Even if you are way in the mountain where there is no electricity, you can still watch your favorite movies on your ipod.

Side from storing your video into your ipod, you can also store pictures in this small gadget. Since this ipod has a large memory, you can store up to 25,000 high-density pictures into it. Can you load up songs, pictures and movies all at the same time into your iPod Nano Video? Yes, you can but since you are already putting in mixed files, these files will share in the memory space available in the ipod. This means that instead of loading up 20,000 songs, you can only load lesser number of songs.

How long is the Battery Life of the IPod Nano Video?

If you are playing songs on your ipod, your battery could last up to 20 hours. However, if you play video on your ipod, you battery could only last for about 6 hours. To make sure that you can listen to your favorite music and watch your movies while you are up there in the mountains, you should bring along some extra batteries with you.