All About iPods


Multimedia Goes Mini with the Video iPod by Apple

The Apple video iPod is a thin, sleek package that now combines three of the average American's favorite things: movies, music, and television. Not just satisfied with dominating the MP3 player market, the Apple iPod got a video upgrade and even higher storage capacity. When the first generation of iPods was produced, people were wowed by it even with the simple LCD display. There was nothing else like it as the time, and with its feature-filled video iPod, Apple is still a winner. Although other companies are still trying to dethrone Apple from the top of the MP3 player heap, it will be difficult to top them. Microsoft has recently introduced the Zune, its Apple iPod killer with video, photo, and music capabilities. However, the Microsoft Zune doesn't exactly seem to have any features that give it a real edge over Apple's video iPod. If it has one unique feature going for it, it is the fact that the Zune allows the sharing of music files directly between Zune users. The Zune also accepts several different formats for music files, which makes things easier if you get your music from different sources.

It certainly beats being stuck with files that can only be played on one MP3 player. For example, Apple's AAC format music files will only work on your computer or an iPod. That minor quibble aside, the latest video iPods by Apple are thin and light (weighing only 5.5 ounces) with a good quality QVGA screen for your video-viewing pleasure.

You've come a Long Way, iPod

No other MP3 player comes close to it in terms of style, although there are MP3 players with extra features like the Zune. The video iPod comes in a 30GB model and an 80GB model. The 30GB model can hold up to 40 hours of video, while the 80GB can hold a whopping 100 hours of video. In terms of songs, that means you can load up to 7500 songs on a 30GB video iPod or 20,000 on your 80GB model. A 30GB video iPod retails for only $249.00 at Apple's online store, and the 80GB version is only $349.00 (plus you can get free engraving if you buy it diectly fromthe store). Either device would be a great deal for music lovers, but for only a hundred dollars extra you get almost triple the capacity of the basic model. You should consider saving up for that 80GB model if you're a fan of the Apple video iPod.