All About iPods


Be Unique by Acquiring the Limited Edition Red iPod from Apple

Apple has spoiled us with the iPods; a device that can carry thousands of songs at any one time, photographs, videos and even replace your organizer by keeping track of your appointments everyday. The iPods have become a dependable gadgets with people of all ages not only teenagers that must have music 24 hours a day. Every couple of years Apple also ensured to keep adding to the collection until everyone in the family had one type of iPod or the other; iPod Nano came after the original iPod and the latest addition is the iPod shuttle, which is always the lightest, smallest music device that has its capacity in the world.

Be Unique

Needless to say all the models from the Apple’s iPod collection are extremely popular; each one for its own unique abilities and/or to match every single one of your requirements. However, as if that was not enough, Apple introduced a limited version of red iPod Nano. The iPod Nano models are the only ones that come in many different colors such as, blue, pink, green, red, white and black and the classic iPod color can only be changed when you apply a customized case.

Make a Difference by Choosing the Red iPod Nano

The red iPod Nano is not only special because it is a limited edition but also because it is created for a noble cause: to support AIDS in Africa and with every purchase of a red iPod Nano Apple will donate $10 of your money to the cause therefore you are also making a difference in the world by acquiring a unique red iPod. To purchase your red iPod Nano log on to Apple’s official website or the official Apple store and buy one online or look for them in the leading electronics department stores all over the country; remember that this is a limited edition and therefore will not be available for a long period of time.

The Apple’s red iPod Nano can be purchased in 4GB and 8GB, which holds up to 2,000 songs, approximately 25,000 photographs; it has a 1.5 inches LCD color display and also a 24 hours battery life. However the most important feature about the red iPod Nano is that it also provides hope. Enjoy the latest gadget in music with the brightest color and style while saving a life at the same time; get yourself a red iPod Nano today.