Did You Know That Garlic Is An Excellent Antioxidant Booster?

Many people love garlic for its taste. The Italians, for example would not dream of any dish without a dash of garlic. There are many people in this world, who have to have a few pods accompanying their meals come what may. Many people know that a regular intake of garlic is beneficial for the body. However, few know exactly how this is so.

Garlic As An Antioxidant Booster

From time immemorial garlic has been used for its medicinal properties. In ancient times it was recognized as the best cure for measles, heart disease, colds, snake bites and the legendary vampire bites. On a surreal note, garlic is said to repel ghosts and vampires.

Modern science has accepted most of these claims which have also been proved through repeated studies and experiments on lab animals as mice and guinea pigs. Science has clearly endorsed through various reports the fact that garlic acts in many instances as an antioxidant booster. This in turn, results in lowering of bad cholesterol (and thence reducing the danger of heart attack and stroke), better digestion, reverses tumors and even fights cancer.

The garlic can act as an antioxidant booster only when ingested raw. When cooked, garlic looses its antioxidant properties. However, to the relief of many, one need not bite it; it is sufficient to swallow the pod, if you do not like the taste. Many people avoid it because its taste and smell is too strong and “bad”. Owing to the sulphur it contains it has a typical smell which many people find offensive. The garlic smell will remain in the person’s breath for along time (even after consuming mint chewing gum), and it is known to be present even in the semen and sweat of a person.

Besides acting as an antioxidant booster, garlic has also a host of medicinal properties, i.e. anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and antibiotic properties. Garlic, is in fact, a powerhouse of goodness for the human body. Consuming just two-four pods a day would ensure that your body is immune to most of the common infections, heart attack and stroke, skin disease, aging, and so on. This is more or less the activity which is tied up to its ability to act as an antioxidant booster.

The ability of the garlic to get the body rid of toxins, which include carcinogens, makes this herb invaluable and a must-have on every person’s plate at least twice a day.