The Benefits Of Supreme Antioxidant

The presence of free radicals within the human body is an unfortunate reality. The presence of free radicals has been scientifically linked to the aging process as well as to the onset of major illnesses within the body. These diseases can include cancer and heart disease.

To combat the presence of free radicals the proper food and possible use of supplements are indicated. Some of the best foods to ingest are vegetables, fruits, beans, cocoa, teas, etc. The antioxidant properties of these foods help to combat free radicals by absorbing the free radicals that are found in the blood stream.

Another method of combating free radicals is through the daily use of supplements. One such powerful combination of antioxidants is a supplement product called supreme antioxidant.

Supreme antioxidant is a blend of vitamins, minerals and enzymes that provide a powerful combination in fighting free radicals.


The vitamins found in supreme antioxidant are vitamins C, E and A. These vitamins work in concert with each other and the other ingredients of supreme antioxidant to provide a powerful formulary in combating free radicals.

The proper dosage of vitamin C, in the supreme antioxidant blend, has been shown to aid in stress reduction, enhance the body’s immune system, minimize bouts of depression, and reduce clotting of the blood vessels. Vitamin C has also been shown to have anti-viral abilities as well as fighting cancerous cells.

Also found in supreme antioxidant products are vitamin E. This vitamin benefits the circulatory system and aids in the coagulation of blood when the healing process of wounds is required. Vitamin E has also shown promise in fighting coronary heart disease.

Another important vitamin found in a supreme antioxidant blend is vitamin A. Vitamin A has demonstrated its effectiveness in the presence of heart disease, eye ailments and cancer. In addition, vitamin A has shown significant promise in the treatment of dementia.


In addition to vitamins, minerals are essential ingredients that add to the potency of supreme antioxidant when combating free radicals. Two of those minerals are manganese and copper.

Manganese is an important element in maintaining the health and strength of an individual’s bones. Therefore, manganese aids in avoiding osteoporosis and management the diagnosis of osteoporosis.

Copper is an essential mineral that is required for the health of the human body for two specific reasons. Those reasons include its ability to aid in elevating energy levels and strengthening the immune system.


Also found in supreme antioxidant is an enzyme called Co-enzyme Q-10. This enzyme provides antioxidants that have been shown to be effective in strengthening the circulatory system. In addition, this enzyme protects the pancreas, liver and kidneys. Co-enzyme Q-10 also enhances the body’s immune system, provides more energy, and helps to control high blood pressure.