Tanning Beds



Tanning Bed Business: Very Little Overhead

When you think of starting your own business, you want a business that doesnt cost a lot of money to start up and you want something that people are going to want or need. A tanning bed business is this type of business. Theres very little money required to get started and maintaining the business costs even less. In the tanning bed business, its almost all profit!

Location Is Everything

To start your tanning bed business, you are going to want to first find an ideal location. Most tanning bed businesses are in shopping centers. Try to pick one next to a health club, a spa or some other similar business. Thats because these businesses usually have the same clientele, those who are trying to improve their health or appearance or are just looking to relax.

By placing your tanning bed business next to these businesses, you increase your chances of having a steady flow of clients who will constantly come to your business because its convenient for them as they also visit the other businesses next to you.

Once you have your location, youre going to have to get some tanning beds. To stock your tanning bed business, research the industry and find out which are the most competitive beds. There are new, more advanced beds coming out all the time. You can either buy, if you have the capital, or lease the beds. Once you have the beds, you have to decide if youre also going to offer tanning bed products, such as lotions and eyewear.

Once you file for your tanning bed business tax ID, youll more than likely be inundated with vendors who will supply you with everything you need to run a successful tanning bed business.

Youll have to check the laws in your state to see if you have to have some sort of certification to open a tanning bed business in your town. Some states require some sort of licensure that says that you are educated in the correct ways to operate the tanning bed business and that you know how to effectively educate your customers in how to tan safely.

So, go out today and start searching for a prime location of where youd like to start your tanning bed business. Ask locals around the area if they would visit a tanning business in that area. That should give you a great idea if your tanning business is marketable or not. If you get a good response, then you know that opening your tanning business in that location is a great idea.