Tanning Beds



Tanning Beds During Pregnancy: Protect Your Unborn Baby, Just Dont Do It

Tanning beds are great to help someone look and feel better but if youre pregnant, its just not a good idea. When you go to the doctor and you find out that youre pregnant, your doctor will be full of things that you just shouldnt do. One of those things is using tanning beds during pregnancy. There arent enough studies to know exactly what the effects of tanning beds are during pregnancy but its just not worth taking the chance.

Tanning Beds Emit Radiation

When you use a tanning bed, you are essentially exposing your body to radiation. This isnt something you want to subject your unborn baby to. Ask your doctor about using tanning beds during pregnancy, dont just use one and forget about the consequences. How bad would you feel if you used a tanning bed during pregnancy and you ended up doing harm to your unborn baby? Youd feel horrible. Its not fair to the baby and its not worth it just for a little vanity.

When youre pregnant, there are a lot of restrictions on certain behaviors. For instance, you have to eat right, you have to get some kind of exercise and you have to refrain from certain things such as using tanning beds during pregnancy. Come on, its only nine months. After that nine months of carrying your baby, you can get as tan as youd like.

It is hard, however, for many pregnant women to gain all that weight while also looking pasty. Getting a tan helps you look thinner, it helps you look healthier and it helps you feel better. This is tempting for many pregnant women who want all of the above. However, by using tanning beds during pregnancy, you can do unnecessary harm to your unborn baby.

If you want to have a healthy baby, and what pregnant woman doesnt, dont use a tanning bed during pregnancy. Just wait the nine months until you have your baby. Then, you can work on losing that excess weight you gained and you can tan to your hearts content so that you look great, even though you just had a baby.

Do the right thing and dont use a tanning bed. Dont hurt your baby. Your baby deserves to come into this world healthy and with everything going for him/her. Its not fair to jeopardize your babys health just for a little vanity.