Tanning Beds



Take Time To Find The Best Tanning Bed Equipment

When most people think about tanning bed equipment, they think about clamshell style tanning beds. These are the most popular for home use as well as tanning salons and the price has fallen enough on the home units to bring them into a range many people can afford.

There are other types of tanning bed equipment that people pick up to make their tanning experience more enjoyable. There are ice buckets to keep drinks cold while in the bed as well as ergonomically designed pillows to improve comfort while lying in a tanning bed. Goggles for eye protection is another must-have piece of tanning bed equipment to protect your eyes from the effects of ultraviolet light.

A six-bulb, single layer tanner can be bought as a cheaper alternative to tanning bed equipment as it is on a stand and allows tanning on one side only. Its also well received by people who dont have the room for a full-size tanning bed and most will fold up for easy storage. This allows the person to set it up, use their own bed while tanning, and then put it away when done.

Equipment Available For Partial Tans

Face-tanners are another piece of tanning bed equipment that can be used to supplement your tanning experience. Normally it would be used by people who dont have the time to visit a salon everyday or have the room, or money, for their own tanning bed. They can be set on a table or on a dresser and you can keep the tanning on your face for those times when you cant get out while the salon is open.

Home tanning bed equipment can be found in a range of sizes to fit both your available space as well as your budget. The six-bulb canopy usually averages about $800 while a 26-bulb clamshell unit could run over $3,000. There is also a 10-bulb canopy and clamshell units range through 16-bulb and 24-bulb as well.

For the professional salons, clamshell units go up to 32-bulb units as well as a 48-bulb stand-up unit. This piece of professional tanning bed equipment will cost you about $9,000 and is considered a mega-bed and should not be used until a base tan has been established.

Whether youre looking for tanning bed equipment for the home or a salon, it will pay you to check around for the best equipment, the best warranty and the best price.