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What You Wanted to Know about Biotin and Hair Loss

Biotin is basically a part of vitamin B; people who undergo treatment with monoxidil and other hair loss pills (propecia) need to be supplemented with biotin for optimal results. This brings us to the question of what is biotin and its role in hair loss or propagation.

Connection between Biotin and Hair Loss – The Wonder Vitamin for Hair

Biotin is basically, what makes your nails and hair; this vitamin is not made inside the body; rather it is received from the consumption of food such as egg yolk, green peas, soybeans, nuts (especially, walnuts), brown rice, oats, and so on. A little known fact is that biotin binds very easily with protein. When this happens, it fails to reach the hair and hence the hair loss will increase. Hence, you should avoid all types of protein powders and raw eggs.

Good news is that you can get biotin to the hair in other ways other than ingestion and/or injections. You could use biotin shampoos with almost the same results as you would have had if you would have taken biotin orally. This is how one can prove the connection between biotin and hair loss.

There are cases where in spite of all possible recommendations and treatments, biotin does not seem to get absorbed into the blood. When studies have been carried out, they highlighted a problem between biotin and hair loss - it was found out that some people were unable to absorb any amount of biotin. On further investigation of the biotin and hair loss, it was clearly found people who have type A blood cannot absorb this type of vitamin.

The remedy is that those who have type A blood should not take extra dosages of biotin – the optimal intake for these type of people would be five to eight grams a day. Fortunately there are no side effects, no matter how much has been ingested. The biotin and hair loss equation can also be disturbed when one uses medicines for heartburn and/or acid reflux.

Besides the above, there is nothing that would prevent the biotin to work efficiently to restore hair growth in people who suffer from hair loss. People who need this vitamin can have it both in the form of pills (vitamin supplements), as well as through fruits and vegetables which are rich in vitamin B. The biotin and hair loss connection has been recognized well enough to be used even without a prescription from a doctor.