All About Hair Loss


Getting the Best Hair Loss Treatment Product

Hair loss is becoming one of the major cosmetic problems among young professionals these days. There are many factors which lead to hair loss such as age, hormonal imbalance, and genetic factors. But many people do not really know that this problem can actually be reduced, and in fact in certain cases, hair can be re-grown.

Technology advances faster than we can ever imagine. Every day there’s a new type of medicine or treatment found to counter hair loss. And everyday, a new hair loss treatment product gets introduced into the market. These products not only will help to regenerate hair cells, but also help to re-grow them. And besides, most of these products have very large success rates among commoners, as we can see on various advertisements on the internet and in television advertisements.

Not Expensive

A common hair loss treatment product sold in the market is not that expensive when compared to the treatments given at hair and skin centers. Even the most expensive product would not go beyond $200, while the treatments at the centers would cost thousands of dollars. This makes the hair loss treatment product to be a very good alternative and favorite choice among those suffering from hair loss problems.

Commonly, a hair loss treatment product is asked to be applied at least twice a day to see the effect in a certain period of time. Usually the effects can be seen within one to two months, although in many rare cases it may take up to half a year or even more. But unlike the costly treatments which are permanent, the effect of this hair loss treatment product is not so permanent. You have to take it on regular basis, and if you stop, the problem may arise again.

There are also other forms of products such as tablets and oral prescriptions; one famous one being Propecia. This tablet is required to be taken once a day, and it basically helps the hair to grow back. This hair loss treatment product has the same effect of the costly treatments, only that the effect is not permanent and it takes some time to show up.

Besides just helping the lost hair to grow back, the hair loss treatment product will also help to preserve the hair that you already have. This hair loss treatment product basically slows down the hair loss process, especially in men. However, most of the product range can not be obtained straight off the shelf; you would need a doctor’s prescription.