All About Hair Loss


What are the Best Alternatives in Female Hair Loss Treatment?

Hair loss is an alarming feature both for men and women. There is not much difference in the treatments of hair loss in either of the genders, with a few exceptions that relate to the causes of hair loss. For example, hair loss in women can result from childbirth, or menopause; men on the other hand experience hair loss due to the synthesis of testosterone into DHT.

Female Hair Loss Treatment – Some Popular Choices

Most of the hair loss problems experienced by women are temporary. These usually occur in cycles or as a result of certain trauma to the body – such as childbirth, depression, malnutrition, etc. Whenever such problem arises, if it is observed early it can be checked and reversed without much effort. The following choice can help.

1. Transplanting of hair – though this is a time consuming and quite expensive mode of female hair loss treatment, you will find that women respond as well as men to this procedure. The only pre-requisite for this surgery to be a success is that the woman has sufficient donated hair, ready to be ‘planted’ on the spots where the hair has fallen off.

2. Using hair extensions – this is a temporary female hair loss treatment/ remedy. In case the hair falls very fast and leaves behind bald patches, the woman would have no choice but to use an extension till things work out. The hair extension will definitely not be the right treatment – it would rather be a prop till the right treatment is sought.

3. FDA approved minoxidil – This is an oil type substance that can be used by anybody, anywhere with almost the same results all over the world. The drug stops hair fall instantly and then helps re-generating it. Transplanting takes a lot of time, however, it is in majority cases extremely beneficial. There are times however, when the body rejects it and all the work and money would be lost, because when this happens all the “transplanted” hair will fall out. This is when this female hair loss treatment can get tricky.

4. Vitamin supplements with emphasis on vitamin E – when the hair falls – and you do not have any obvious reason for it – you should check whether your hemoglobin levels are okay or not. Often the need for female hair loss treatment follows a bout of anemia, malnutrition and/or medicine reaction and so on.

5. Ayurvedic female hair loss treatment – this is Indian-based herbal treatment which seldom fails. You could consult a Vaidh (ayurvedic doctor) who could prescribe for you the right herbs to stop your hair loss and promote regeneration.