All About Hair Loss


Hair Loss Medication to Prevent Baldness

Have you been worrying about your thinning hair and telltale signs of baldness on the crown of your head? If you really don’t want to go completely bald in the next few years, you better consult your doctor and ask for some hair loss medication to arrest the balding on your head.

There are a number of hair loss medications available in the market today but you need to be careful about using over the counter medications because these items could have some harmful effects. Although most hair loss medications are safe, there are some people who are inherently allergic to some substances that something, which would prove to be harmless for others, could actually be harmful to them.

Hair Loss Medication Available Over the Counter

Rogaine is a hair loss medication, which you can buy over the counter. This hair loss medication has been proven effective especially on men. However, women should be careful when using the product especially when they are pregnant or nursing their baby as studies showed that this type of hair loss medication could have some adverse effects on the baby. To be really safe, if you are planning to have a family soon, it would be a good idea to avoid using this product completely. One the other hand, people who have heart problems are also advised to use this product with caution because studies showed that this product might not be safe for people who have heart ailments.

Prescription Hair Loss Medication

In addition to the over the counter hair loss medication which can help arrest balding, there are also prescription drugs, which are known to have some positive effects when it comes to restoring hair on balding heads. Finasteride (propecia) and dutaseride (avodart) are two of the most popular prescription drugs, which can cure baldness. However, these drugs may have some adverse effects on women and children. Pregnant women are especially advised not to use this product because studies show that this could lead to some birth defects.

Natural Hair Loss Medication

Aside from pharmaceutically generated hair loss medications, there are also a number of natural hair loss remedies that can help stop the balding process. According to studies, the oils used in aromatherapy such as rosemary and thyme could stimulate hair regeneration. All you need to do is to massage your scalp with the oils daily. According to some experts, the use of oils as natural hair loss medication is safe for both men and women.