All About Hair Loss


Discussing Problems with Your Hair Loss Doctor

There are a number of reasons why people of all ages would start losing their hair. Hair loss may come gradually or suddenly depending on its cause. If you were one of those many people all over the world who are losing their hair for some reason, it would be a good idea to discuss your problem with a hair loss doctor before you venture into some kind of treatment.

Hair loss does not only happen on the hair of your head. There are certain conditions where a person may lose all the hair in his or her body. If you are one of those people who have this rare cause of hair loss, discussing your problem with your hair loss doctor could help you understand the nature of your condition. Whether your hair loss problem is permanent or temporary, your hair loss doctor can help you explore options, which could help you reverse the process of balding.

Defining the Problem

Since there are a number of reasons why people would start losing their hair, discussing your problem with your hair loss doctor would really help a lot; who knows, your problem may be easy to solve. For instance, there is certain hair loss caused by improper food intake. According to experts, deficiency in iron, zinc and copper in the body could cause hair loss. As this condition usually curable with just simple adjustments in your diet, instead going for that expenseive hair loss treatment, all you really need to do is eat properly.

Taking Precautions

Before you venture into any hair loss treatment, you should first discuss such treatment with your hair loss doctor. You must remember that there are certain types of treatments, which are designed for different types of baldness. Moreover, there are some types of treatments, which could have some adverse effects on you so it is always wise to go to a hair loss doctor and ask for a professional opinion before you start a certain hair loss treatment.

For instance, there are certain pharmaceutical hair loss treatment products that are sold over the counter which may not be safe for pregnant women, men with prostate problems and those who have heart ailments. Products such as Rogaine, Finasteride (propecia) and dutaseride (avodart) are said to be effective in stimulating hair growth but they may have some adverse effects on some people.