All About Hair Loss


Stop Hair Loss by Shaving Your Head or Using a Wig!

There are thousands of men who suffer from hair loss and it can be a source of some concern as well as insecurity and embarrassment to those who lose their hair and worse can follow in case of hair loss among the not-so-old who may even have such a condition prior to reaching their 30th birthday.

To stop hair loss, one may take recourse to a number of methods including completely shaving off their head or using hairpieces to cover the baldness or using plugs though such means are far from perfect and using such means may result in some social stigma or being otherwise frowned upon.

Hair Loss Products

To stop hair loss one may also need to try out products that are on sale and for which one may or may not need a prescription. Though no magic pill exists to stop hair loss, there are some hair loss products that promise to deliver and be effective in stopping hair loss. A few such products include Propecia, Rogaine (Monoxadil), Avacor and Proxiphen and these provide the user with different degrees of effectiveness and because of the huge demand for such products, and there are many non-prescription hair loss products also available on the market today for both men and women.

Taking vitamins is another effective means to stop hair loss and these specially formulated vitamins act to prevent thinning of the hair as well as be conducive to speedier growth of the hair. These vitamins may contain amino acids and zinc and many who use these vitamins are reported to acknowledge having thicker and more lustrous hair even though the idea is to have the hair grow back again and not just thicken. Other alternatives worth considering for stopping hair loss are supplements as well as hair loss treatments that actually target only balding and hair loss.

However, hair loss supplements can cost a fair bit and one has to choose only those that have been tested and been clinically proven. Being proactive is another method of stopping hair loss and this may involve correction to the hormonal imbalance in a patient and it is more evident in women who notice hair loss immediately after delivering a baby. Also, one should exercise care in not taking medications that may cause or otherwise aggravate hair loss and such medications may include blood thinners, gout medication as well as chemotherapy medications for cancer, among others.